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Refund Policy

 Our Refund Policy:

We are using industry's standard refund duration which is 7 days after the date of purchase. As we are selling web assets which are scripts and files that can be copied and stored in your system and can be used later on which we have no control, so we  can make a refund of a purchase only if the product is defective. For your installation failure, lack of technical knowledge, your  hosting drawbacks, if you are n ot able to bring the site live we shall not make a refund, although you can purchase our installation service if you are a non technical person or don't want to mess with technical issues.   

NOTE:If you are not happy at all with your purchase, please just create a ticket using our help desk saying you want a refund and we will grant your request within 24 hours with no questions ask as long as it is within the 7 days time frame.