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About Us


You might be one of the many in search of online business opportunities. Now a days a huge number of people al over the world as well as india are using their laptop or desktop for browsing. The online world has opened a brand new marketplace to sell products and services all over the world.

Begin Your Own Online Business

One of the greatest benefits of online business opportunities is that you can be your own boss. No matter whether you want a full-time/part-time job or 2nd income there are plenty of opportunities to generate money online from a readymade website. By spending a few hours per week you’ll be able to run your own business with a very low investment.

Methods to earn money from a readymade website

Following are the main sources of revenue from a readymade website

  • Sales commission from the In-built store i.e Flipkart.com, Amazon.com, etc.
  • Advertisement revenue from Affiliate programs i.e Google, Axill, Clickbank, Commission Junction etc.
  • You can also make good revenue by offering services or selling unique products through your own website i.e Direct Ad Space Sale, Coupon sale, Real estate, Auto Sale, Paid Article Writing, Selling Art and Crafts etc.

What we do?

A readymade website is a smart idea to start your online business from India much quicker than you can imagine.

You will be able to select your right website from our large selection of readymade websites from our store. Once you sign-up and complete the website purchase, we will setup your website live within 48hrs. Along with the website we will provide you a free kit which include free domain, free server space, free marketing materials, free ongoing support etc.

All our money making readymade websites are fully functional which include all the latest articles, news, videos and profit-making income streams. i.e Online store, Google Adsense, Axill, ClickBank, Ebay, CPA and Affiliate Marketing etc.

What is your role?

All you need to do is market your website through your friends, relatives and social media website i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

Even though, all our readymade websites are available with pre-posted articles, you may update your website with fresh articles by sharing your knowledge/ideas/experience in a particular subject i.e Cooking, Teaching, Home care, Health care etc.

Of course, you can also use our Auto-blogging tool to update your website with fresh content automatically.

You will also get access to the best industry leading internet marketing training and resources to help market your website and drive traffic (visitors) to it.

How it works 

  How to buy a money making readymade website?

1.Select a Website

Select any of our readymade websites. All of our readymade websites are ready with money generating streams and are fully automated.

It is so easy to manage our websites without any tech expertise.


Once you have selected your choice website simply press the ‘Add To Cart’ button. Enter your Name,email id,contact number,communication address and method of payment.

3.Setup your website

Once you have purchased a website we will mail your web assets within within 24 to 48 hours.You get a website assets and setup instruction manual as shown in the demo website.

In case you are are a non technical person or have no tme to spare on setting up the website, then you can avail our installation service for just $25

Once we setup your website we will send the login details to you, when your website is ready and goes live. You will have complete access to our entire marketing materials, training books and be eligible for our ongoing support.