Photo by: Garden World Images / Alamy Stock Photo And with cats they can easily knock a cactus/euphorbia off the window sill as they climb over it, which has happened to our Euphorbia Ghost a few times (ugh). Keep it trimmed for a rounded compact shape. which can get stuck in your cat’s paws and can cause a lot of pain. Contrary to its name, the Swedish ivy did not originate in Sweden. Several species are known for their spectacular flowers, often in pinks, purples, and whites. Did you know that many common garden and house plants can be toxic to your cat? Swedish ivy. It is also a beautiful plant. Your plant is called a Swedish Ivy, it may be referred to as Swedish Begonia or Creeping Charlie also. And that’s great because true ivy plants can be highly toxic to cats. Variegated Swedish Ivy Plant $8 Rachel Barrack, founder of concierge NYC-based practice, Animal Acupuncture , highlighted Swedish ivy as one of the best safe plants to have in your home. These fanciful foliage plants are easy to grow and make excellent houseplants or container plants. Non-toxic ivy plants include grape ivy (Cissus rhombifolia); Kenilworth or coliseum ivy (Cymbalaria muralis); ivy peperomia or ivy leaf pepero… House plants safe for cats — what if your cat could be exposed to harmful, toxic plants. Plectranthus australis, Swedish Ivy, Creeping Charlie - This plant is Easy To Grow! Houseplants: Safe and Toxic Varieties. Lily. growing kit. The leaves and stem of the golden pothos contain calcium oxalate crystals, which are toxic and can penetrate soft tissue in the mouth, throat, and stomach. Although this plant isn't most notable for its blooms, its foliage takes center stage adding plenty of texture to the garden space. Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus) Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea) Variegated philodendron leaf peperomia; Wandering jew (Zebrina) Wax begonias (Begonia semperflorens) Toxic plants. It's not possible to … Swedish ivy (Plectranthus australis) is a popular hanging basket houseplant native to northern Australia and the Pacific Islands.The plant is favored for its lovely trailing habit. You may avoid this plant due to the thorns, 24. While some ivy varieties are toxic to pets, Swedish ivy is safe for cats and dogs. You love your plants. By providing my mobile number, I agree to receive periodic text messages from the ASPCA. Some of these plants The geranium plant is a safe bet if you want to keep your cat safe. cacti, as there are a lot of plants that have succulent leafs but are Reminder: Some houseplants can be deadly for cats … A note on "safe" plants: The plants on this list are generally believed to be safe.However, if you suspect that a child (or adult) has eaten quantities of any of these plants (or any of their parts), or if you notice symptoms such as illness or dermatitis after handling these plants, call your Poison Control Center for additional information: (800) 222-1222. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. cats like to chew on many different things, including green plants. Swedish Ivy care is so easy that this could be a "beginner plant" if you are in your first stages of getting addicted to plants and gardening. Exclusive Subaru VIP offer for ASPCA Guardians & Founders. A. Swedish Ivy is listed as Non Poisonous to dogs and cats. In the language of flowers, lavender symbolizes the girl becoming a woman as well as caution. You can grow the grass in your home, using a grass Is Lavender Oil Safe For Cats? These plants are toxic to cats. Swedish ivy @_t__h__o__m__a__s_ / Via It looks incredible in a hanging planter and it's easy to take care of : It can handle low light … Because root rot is a common problem, selecting a well-draining pot is essential for these plants. If you must have any of these plants in your home, keep them safely out of reach. SWEDISH IVY Scientific Name: Plectranthus australis Family: Plectranthus This is a fast growing, well-known houseplant. should get a full list of toxic plants for cats; find out if the plants outside, which may be treated with fertilizers and pesticides that are Birds Nest Fern(Asplenium Nidus) Many people ask “are ferns toxic to cats”, well … Sometimes the combination can be downright deadly. The Swedish Ivy … - Answered by a verified Cat Vet. Non-toxic to pets and easy to care for, it makes an ideal house plant. In addition, the scent of the Swedish ivy with its lemon peppery notes does not go unnoticed by the cats. Swedish Ivy Care is simple!So that brings me to my first plant, Swedish Ivy. Personally, I think it looks rather festive, so I usually suggest Swedish Ivy as a … You must also keep in mind that there are several foods that are toxic for cats: chocolate, alcohol, raisins and onions. This easy-care plant prefers a well-draining potting medium and indirect lights and roots easily from cuttings. This popular hanging basket houseplant is a great option for beginners and can easily become a potted plant. Cacti are not toxic and cats may be attracted to the special texture Also known as common ivy or Hedera helix, English ivy can thrive in cold and low light situations.Many people like the plant because it stays green all … In a garden, the plant can also grow as a carpet beneath canopy-forming trees. Begonias make beautiful flowers and are also safe for cats. Like most ivy, this plant likes to climb, crawl and spread. Known also as Creeping Charlie, the Swedish Ivy is not really a member of the ivy family, therefore it’s not toxic to cats like true ivy plants. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. Was this answer useful? of the plant. Indoor or Outdoors. The variegated variety has either a golden or bright white center and evergreen edges. There are more than 1,500 species of begonias you can choose from. The Jacobs’s Ladder blooms are often touched by curious noses and whiskers for a sniff and perhaps a little cheek grazes and then a lie down for an afternoon catnap. You Non-toxic to pets and easy to care for, it makes an ideal house plant. Swedish Ivy (Plectranthus australis) Unlike most other ivy plants, the Swedish ivy is non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. The blooms are tiny clusters of white flowers. However, cats are typically not attracted to thorny plants. Though lilies … Having pets involves a lot of cautions, including the selection of cat safe plants. they also like the taste and texture of plants. Swedish Ivy — Plectranthus Verticillatus Credit: W.carter, Wikimedia Commons. In fact, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists over 390 that are poisonous—primarily when ingested. Swedish ivy is happy in a hanging basket, which will help protect it from curious felines. It wants regular and even moisture. Cat. intestinal uneasiness. Always consult your vet if you feel your animal has ingested something it shouldn't! All rights reserved.The ASPCA is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization. causing any digestive problems of poisoning. Cats are likely to eat plants, as they are driven by curiosity and In Disney's film adaptation of the beloved musical Into the Woods it is specifically lavender blossoms that the Big Bad Wolf persuades Little Red Riding Hood to gather in a bouquet for Granny.. If your cat eats one of these, rush it to the veterinarian immediately. To prevent your cat If you think that your animal is ill or may have ingested a poisonous substance, contact your local veterinarian or our 24-hour emergency poison hotline directly at 1-888-426-4435. Fortunately, Swedish Ivy is not considered poisonous plant so there shouldn’t be any long term effects on your cat. You love your cat. This will ensure that your cat won’t eat grass from Keeping safe plants in your home reduces the risks of your cat This fast-growing and low-maintenance plant is ideal for beginners because it does not require a lot of attention. Swedish Ivy: This is a beautiful green cascading plant with lovely round softly serrated leaves and small bluish-purple flowers. regular food. Miniature roses can be ingested by cats without creating any You choose! not cacti. Catnip also has The mint family is a good example, including most varieties of catnip and Swedish Ivy. They have slightly rounded, waxy, glossy green, 1½"-2" leaves with scalloped edges, and produce 3"-8" racemes of tubular, pink, lilac or white flowers on fleshy stems that rise above the foliage. Swedish ivy (Plectranthus.australis) is a simple houseplant that grows well indoors and requires little effort on your part to thrive.The ivy produces thick stems that grow erect before cascading, making the plant an ideal option for hanging baskets. can still opt for some safe plants that can be ingested by them without Soon after I draped over the long stems of Swedish Ivy and Sunflower stalks, the cats just stopped and sniffed for a bit. Text STOP to opt-out, HELP for more info. You can grow the grass in your home, using a grass growing kit. The golden pothos plant, also known as the pothos, devil’s ivy, taro vine, or ivy arum, is toxic to cats. The Swedish Ivy grows lush and boisterous and has a marvelous scent! catnip, the true catnip, the catmint or the field balm. African violets are nontoxic to dogs, cats, and horses, and also feature delicate, fuzzy, leaves. Even if there are a lot of toxic plants that can hurt your cat, you 1 Some may even cause death. include the geranium plant, miniature roses and cacti. The closest I can describe it is a lemon peppery minty scent. Privacy Policy  Legal Info. Any of the plants from the Nepeta group of plants are safe: the Lovely though they are, some plants can be deadly enemies to your cat. from eating your plants, you can feed him grass in addition to the That doesn't mean they're going to love each other. Is "swedish ivy" poisonous to house cats? Lilies tend to be a popular plant for gift-giving and decorating during the holidays. Native to Africa and Australia, Swedish ivy thrives in bright light and is not overly sensitive to normal household conditions. Message and data rates may apply. Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy, © 2020 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. All rights reserved. Plants poisonous to cats can cause anything from mild irritation to death. The Swedish Ivy is a creeping plant that makes long trails of fleshy leaves perfect for a cat to get tangled in. The flowering types generally bloom outdoors during the short days of … Cats and plants don't always mix. To prevent your cat from eating your plants, you can feed him grass in addition to the regular food. purchasing a new one, ask if it's toxic for pets. The list of 20 plants with their name and photos. Jack-in-the-pulpit (Three-leaved indian turnip, Devil's dear, Wake robin, Starch wort, Wild turnip, Dragon root, Bog onion, Pepper turnip, Brown dragon, Memory root) | Scientific Names: Arisaema triphyllum | … Be mindful of the thorns; these may injure your cat. are a few plants that are highly poisonous for cats and as you know, Healthiest in light shade or dappled light. It is sometimes called creeping Charlie, and it’s earned that name! Also, known as Swedish begonia and creeping charlie (not to be confused with the creeping charlie weed), many gardeners incorporate this ivy as an annual into containers or use it as a ground cover in the garden. that you currently have in your home are cat safe plants, and when Some of the most poisonous plants for cats include As the final choice of our houseplants safe for cats, Swedish ivy does best in bright, indirect light. There Printable PDF Many homes contain houseplants or other natural materials to add beauty and interest to the décor. Plectranthus australis Swedish Ivy is a fast growing, spreading, evergreen perennial plant from South Africa that is closely related to the Coleus.They are not from Sweden, nor are they a true Ivy . getting poisoned. ... #17: Swedish Ivy. If you do opt for this long viny creeper, good luck keeping your cats from playing with it … the lilies, figs, bulb plants, azalea or the creeping Charlie. However, make sure that the plants you get are real Swedish ivy; Wandering jew; Aluminum plant; Cats are likely to eat plants, as they are driven by curiosity and they also like the taste and texture of plants. The many hues of plectranthus along with the various sizes, shapes, and textures available provide options for gardeners. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. toxic for pets. Toxic ivy plants include English ivy (Hedera helix); iris ivy (Helix hibernica); Australian ivy palm (Schefflera or Brassaia actinophylla); mountain ivy or ivy bush (Kalmia latifolia); Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata); cape, parlor or German ivy (Senecio mikanioides); ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea); and devil's ivy or ivy arum (Epipremnum aureum). Swedish ivy is a misnomer, as this delightful vining plant is neither Swedish in origin, nor is it a true ivy. Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company, Pilea: Uriticaeae; Plectranthus: Lamiaceae, Non-Toxic to Dogs, Non-Toxic to Cats, Non-Toxic to Horses. As a vining plant, it makes an attractive hanging basket with its shiny green leaves with scalloped edges. Poisonous Plants for Cats list include: Aloe Vera Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apple Leaf Croton Apricot (pit) Here are some care tips that might help. But who cares, Swedish Ivy is actually really pretty and non toxic to cats and dogs. such a plant. Although named Swedish Ivy, this plant isn’t a true ivy. a demonstrated soothing effect on cats, so it's recommended to have