Telescopic Scopes and Their Functionality. A first choice air rifle packed with features normally found on models costing two or three times the price. Air Arms TX200 Hunter Carbine Beech Stock. With an all-steel construction, it provides durability which in turn may improve your accuracy. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Brattonsound Gun Cabinet MT7+ Extra Tall. SMK supplies highly-popular air rifles designed to offer “brilliant customer value” with realistic pricing. SMK reckon on these guns producing around the 10ft/lbs mark, once run in, and my tests certainly bore out that claim. Modern guns will fall into three basic groups defined by the power used to push the pellet out of the barrel. SKU: cats1715: Make: Sports Marketing: Mechanism: Spring: Calibre: 22: Reviews. Bargain!! GET YOURS NOW! Action: Break barrel: Calibre.177 (4.5MM) AND .22 (5.5MM) Type: Spring powered: Stock: Hardwood: Trigger: Single stage: Length (total) 43″ Weight: 6lb . SMK B2 Deluxe The SMK B2 has become an icon for airgunning and is quite possibly the largest contributor to attracting new people to our sport. Enhanced by its gold anodising on the bolt and trigger and innovative fibre optic sights. OUR STOCK LEVELS CHANGE ON A DAILY BASIS SO PLEASE CALL FIRST AS NOT TO BE DISAPPOINTED! * 1 1 star. SMK .177 B 2 Deluxe Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - New (2) New. SMK B2 Deluxe £64.95 Full Details. Qty: Add to Basket. This Steel Breech kit not only has a superior look, but it alleviates the need to purchase separate parts. Tadcaster The TH78 Thumbhole stocked deluxe version of the sturdily constructed compact CO2 powered air rifle with superb top quality hard wood stock. Air Cylinder Hose Assembly for a 300 bar Air Cylinder. An airgun is not a toy it’s very dangerous if you are interested make sure you read up on the laws and safety before buying one and before shooting it. Z12SMKSUP177- Calibre: .177 Power: 650FPS Z12SMKSUP22- Calibre: .22 Power: 500FPS Suitable for hunting small vermin. Umarex RP5 Carbine Kit- scope not included, Walther Reign Pre Charged Firearm in .22 or .25, Walther 1250 Dominator Pre Charged Firearm .22, Walther Torminathor Pre Charged Firearm .22, Walther Maximathor Pre Charged Firearm .22, Crosman Armada PCP Air Rifle .177, Scope & Bipod Kit, GAMO WHISPER X .177 OR 22 – INCLUDES SCOPE. I understand there is a... Log in or Sign up. Enhanced by its gold anodising on the bolt and trigger and innovative fibre optic sights. 5 5 star. £239.99. can't hit anything over 15 yards, i may as well had thrown the pellets at the targets!! New style deluxe barrel in.177 with fully adjustable fibre optic sights included, a good upgrade for a standard B2. Additional Information. A excellent first choice air rifle with a simple no nonsense design. 7 Litre Air Cylinders 300 Bar Filling Kit. I think if they put some card targets, or even let me put my own up i would be able to find and correct my problem. JavaScript is disabled. SMK B2 - Initial Review. SMK .177 B 2 Deluxe Break Barrel - Spring Air Rifle (Ambidextrous) - New (2) New. The B2 is unbeatable for providing a new shooter with their first taste of airgunning and it's also a highly capable close range vermin hunter. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Details. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Birmingham based Airsoft, Archery, Crossbow and military equipment store offering both A Gunsmith & an Airsoft Tech service - huge range of products and expert advice - 07873 313343 It offers superb value for money and is the cheapest way of joining the sport of shooting than any other. Was told by the range officer/manager that i did well considering i got this gun, however he reccomended i go for a .177 BSA Lightenening or a Stoeger x20 for next cheapie and told me to stay clear of SMK (rubbish). How do you rate this product? BARREL RELEASE CATCH. It also has a single stage trigger. With just the use of the two hex wrenches (included) and a flat-head screwdriver (not … Brattonsound Gun Cabinet RD7+ Sentinel Plus Extra Deep. Speedloader Magazines for the Crosman 1077. CLASSIC Possibly the best selling break action air rifle in the UK today, the B2. Please note..... scope not included. “S. cheers mate, i did meet one good bloke there who sat with me all day but he too is a beginner (but got money stashed for a 177 hw model) but he said just to keep the B2 in my garden and get a reasonably priced rifle from a good shop that is also a shooting range in leistershire.... so dunno, i know i can shoot given the right tools, i just have problems seeing where the pellets are going as they dont use paper targets, instead they use the metal duck, rabbit, crow shapes with kill zones and no good for open sights!! be careful of what mounts you use on your b2.the grouves are shallow and on occasion the mounts need a stone on the base to thin the wedge that enters the dovetal.the b2 is out of the box what it is cheap and ok as a plinker.however once stripped ,spring sleve fitted ,cleaned ,debured ,polished and the barrel brushed and leadded its a great little rifle.i have seen nearly 11 ft lbs in .22 and greater feel and accuracey.the barrel lock is adequate .i have found the 177 to be better accuracey and obviously fps wise.the custon looks a little is so easy to strip and work on too.the stock screws do come loose every 50 shots sometimes less effecting the shot.they also still can have swarf internaly and most lack lube.get in to it and forget the chinese lable its ok.they dont laugh so much when you hit the spot .its so light too.i have tuned a few for young guns.enjoy. OUR STOCK LEVELS CHANGE ON A DAILY BASIS SO PLEASE CALL FIRST AS NOT TO BE DISAPPOINTED! Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .177 Pellets. £159.99. Veals & Son Limited – in Administration (“the Company”), trading as Veals Fishing Tackle. 3 Litre Air Cylinders 300 Bar Filling Kit. Brattonsound Gun Cabinet SL7+ Sentinel Plus With Locking Top. Bargain!! original, you not too far away from me, how much would you charge me to give me 11ft lb from the B2? So the air cylinder is made around the barrel. You will also find a set of open sights. PLINKING AND SMALL VERMIN CONTROL. Buy for £55. Won't be shooting anymore until i can afford to get a proper rifle instead of this "toy", Jeez, throw the toys out of the pram or what, get practicing you wimp, it's not the gun that's a good shot it's the shooter! Information about SMK Air Rifles. Admittedly a better gun does assist but if the shooters crap then that's it, no gun can make a crap shot a hft champ, like if your crap at driving buy a fiesta not a Rolls Royce, get better and once you can afford it and your competent get the more expensive quality when you will appreciate what it can do, simples, no still got no scope but couldn't understand it... in garden (around 15yards) i can hit whatever i point it at but on the ranges it just didn't do much (hit a couple at 20 yard) and i hit a massive target at 55 yeards (a big white wall). 4 Litre Air Cylinders 300 Bar Filling Kit. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. i agree again with ian.we can talk you through a tune that if taken in to a shop you would wait 6 months and pay alot due to the time involved.once you have done one you will pretty much be fine on the next,the b2 is possibly the easiest to tune.consistancey and accuracey with a improved cocking and discharge cycle is rarely takes more than 1200 wet and dry,oil,a file or two ,lolly pop sticks and auto sol.and if you need them a set of sharpening stones cheap enough off ebay.and save the biscuit tins as the tin is great for spring sleves and doesnt distort through the cocking slot on the piston as ptfe sheet does.enjoy it first then wen your ready we shall all begin the for me doning it i have about 7 awaiting my attentions since nov 2010.what you want is an old school tune spit n polish. Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum .22 Pellets. Clothing and Footwear. Two Piece High Mounts for 30mm Scope Tube. Iain. AIR ARMS S410 STOCK ONLY DAYSTATE AIRWOLF .177 BSA R10 SOFT TOUCH .177 W/SCOPE DAYSTATE HUNTSMAN REGAL .22 W/SCOPE AND SILENCER 7 LITRE 300 BAR TANK Pulsar Thermion XQ38 Thermal Rifle Scope ATA AIRBORNE PCP AIR RIFLE .177 OR .22 HUGLU 103CE 12G SHOTGUN BLACK WITH GOLD BIRDS 28″ OR 30″ HUGLU GX SEMI AUTO 12G CAMO 28″ OR 30″ HUGLU 103D .410 … The Artemis M30 is a regulated PCP rifle, made with the barrel in the air cylinder. Nikko Stirling Mount Master 4×32 Telescopic Scope. Add this product to your wish list and continue browsing. Forums > Airguns > Anything Airgun Related > The Forum Rules have undergone some minor changes and updates. SMK B2 Deluxe.22 Pellet Spring Rifle - Second Hand All of our one off items have been rigorously checked by our expert team of gunsmiths to make sure they are in the finest working order. The SMK B2 De-luxe is now available with fully adjustable rear sight and fibre optics for just £64.95. SMK B2 Deluxe Model .22 . Price: £38.98 BRL041B Deluxe B2 barrel in.22 cal with fibre optic sights. If you require a tracked service please ask for the airsure option Rhondda Cynon Taff. 1/2. SMK, B2 Deluxe, .177, New, Break Barrel, Air Rifle from affordableguns, Gloucester, Gloucestershire New and Used Guns for Sale Cant Get much CHEAPER for a BRAND NEW GUN. 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289 and 1322 airgun. Brattonsound PA5 Pistol Or Ammunition Safe. … I could fit a Titan XS in it for you and add a scope or torch for extra cost, but you can buy bare… £150 US$203/€165.